About Larry

lcmc21.jpgLarry the Open Source Guy, a.k.a. Larry Cafiero, is the editor/publisher of Open Source Reporter. While he fears no command line, he is new to free software and open source software, having been a Mac user for the last 14 years (“Still am, actually, and pretty proud of it, too!”). Toward the end of 2006, he had an epiphany or satori regarding the social, philosophical, political and economic benefits of using free software and open source software on his favored hardware, and started a magazine and Web site to share his findings with everyone. He is 49, married to peace activist Kyoko Kawashima and they have a daughter, Mirano. Recently, Larry’s latest brush with fame was being the Green Party’s candidate for Insurance Commissioner in California in the 2006 election (270,218 votes, 3.2 percent).

5 Responses to About Larry

  1. mayhemgolgotha says:

    as a long time user of MS Paint, i’ve switched to GIMP after reading your review. i’ll be visiting here more often!

  2. rfirmans says:

    hi larry, like a cheramic store’s motto
    “nice to see, nice to hold, if broken, considered sold”
    best regard from Indonesia, happy MERDEKA
    thank anyway

  3. Alex says:

    HEY MAN. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to tell you that is you have not gotten Linux running on your Powerbook 1400 yet, FEAR NOT! It is possible. I just grt MKLinux up and running on mine (BIG PITA!), and then decided that it was too ancient and started over with Debian. The Linux community was no help, so I had to say screw it and just dive-in headfirst.

    Anyway, if you have any questions, drop me an e mail… I m no Linux guru… just a very determined lover of old powerbooks.

  4. jeff says:

    I fell over your site working on an ibook i’m re-doing with xubuntu. I started falling all over your blogs. Nice to see more of us out there 😉

  5. jeff says:

    the site is masterwebguy.com btw.
    I spelled it wrong in all my previous posts until i caught the typo.

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